Brighton Radiology's state-of-the-art Long View X-Ray machine has distinct advantages for both the operator and the patient.

  • Using Slot radiography technology, the whole spine and legs can be imaged as a single block. Images can be acquired with the table in any position from supine to standing — making weight bearing procedures easy. This is invaluable, for example, for accurate orthopaedic line/angle measurement of conditions such as scoliosis, limb length, coxa/genu valgus/varus.
  • In addition, the slot technique produces low dose images with minimal geometric distortion and accurate measurements.
  • Imaging can be performed recumbent, or standing to evaluate weight-bearing effects.

Bookings can be made by calling Brighton Radiology directly on 9592 3319 or by going to our appointments page and submitting an appointment request form.

For more detailed information on long view x-rays, visit the Shimadzu website: Long View X-Ray (Slot Imaging)